Updated with added quotes today... lest forget.

Learn of this book from the library reviewers on Sarah Waters' 2002 novel "Fingersmith." A terrifying read on a teenager girl's short life in 1760: "A loose dress for a loose woman, you sleezy slut of a slammerkin ..." Almost gave up after about a fifth into the book because of the super graphic brutality towards a minor but glad to have bravely soldiered on to learn about the fine art in dress making and traditional Welsh culture such as 'The Skyrrid soil legend,' 'Wicker Man ritual' and 'The Mari Lwyd festival' through the awed minds and eyes of the young woman. Not for the squeamish.

Note from Ireland's Independent.ie: Inspired by a murder that took place in the Welsh Borders in 1763, Slammerkin is Emma Donoghue's first historical novel, a gripping study of a prostitute obsessed with clothes. It is inspired by the true story of a girl called Mary Saunders, executed in 1764 for killing her mistress

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