Behold! A crime novel with nuance. Nuance! Can you believe it?!

Jokes aside, I really, really admire what Liz Moore has achieved with this excellent book. It's so timely, and so important. She has crafted fictional authentic characters that are as complex and flawed as any real-life individuals. Moore writes with empathy and compassion about communities that often face harsh judgment if not outright condemnation. She opens a window into a world that many people refuse to acknowledge even exists. I was so impressed by the restraint Moore shows in that the novel does not proselytize at all or include any overly emotional drama. Instead, readers are invited to act as witnesses and examine their own judgments and biases as layers of issues are revealed. Ultimately, this is an incredible story that is at once heart-wrenching and hopeful.

I highly recommend this book and will eagerly read more of Moore's work.

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