Agatha Christie's Poirot
Agatha Christie's Poirot Series 13 DVD - 2014 | Widescreen.

The end of a wonderful series is presented here. Fabulous production values, lavish attention to detail, and superb acting as usual for this conclusion to the Poirot series. Well-written and staged this series is a must have in any mystery lover's collection. I watch this series from beginning to end at least once a year and I never tire of it. However......
***SPOILER ALERT***: OMG - bust out the hankies - Poirot dies. I'm not a sniveler but I found myself crying. It seems like the end of an era. No-one else but David Suchet could EVER play this character with the love and care that he did. I'm sure that they will try to re-make this series sometime but no-one will ever replace Suchet. The blasphemy! The horror! *g*

Highly, highly recommend this.

shilohsmom's rating:
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